Sunday, 13 October 2013

Live Shows Week 1 Pt 2: First elimination

The sing-a-long was Get Lucky and it was going all right until the Overs joined in - noticeably not as in touch with the lyrics as the younger ones! Skightly embarrassing in places as

Ellie Goulding performed Burn and must have had the production team panicking a little until they realised she was wearing a skin-colour body stocking. A good start, though. she likes Kingsland Road which won't do their chances any harm.

Cher performed her great song next and was looking good bearing in mind she was in the charts back in 1965. What you're looking for is a good song and she gets it across well although I am pretty sure she was well-assisted by a backing track and may not have had to work that hard.

The camera seems to be keeping on Dermot's upper half, presumably steering clear of trouser issues, it being a Sunday and all that.

Lorna is the next least popular and will sing against Shelley. That should mean Shelley goes home which is OK as she didn't stand a chance anyway. You wonder whether Sharon shouldn't have included Joe after all.

Shelley does a good job with One Night Only and certainly is not giving up without a fight. That might even keep her in after all. Lorna actually almost matched that, though, and I would expect the judges to keep her. It'll be close, I expect. I can't see three voting to keep Shelley. Sharon decides not to vote so it is literally down to the three judges.  Well, two did support Shelley so she does, indeed, live to see another week.

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