Saturday, 12 September 2015

Full marks to the producers this week! A bit rehearsed but no rubbish acts. One potential winner.

Papsidero starts us off this weekend with a pair of odd-looking wings. Simon gives away how long ago this was recorded by mentioning that we here in the UK have a seagull problem at the moment! He didn't make it on Italy's X Factor so is trying his luck here where we seem to have a habit of sticking nutters in wings on the show.

He's mostly in tune, as it happens. But he'd be better not screaming so much and losing the wings.

Alex Boye was on America's Got Talent and certainly has a good voice and plenty of energy. He's a safe bet for another programme but I am not sure he fits a Live Show line-up.

Janessa would suit a Burlesque show. She can dance well but the voice isn't going to sell any records.

An extremely odd pair come on next and they don't seem to be able to communicate very well.  They're called Rock & Rose and I wonder if that weird intro had been rehearsed. Anyway, the girsl is a fabulous singer, along Florence & The Machine lines. A really good performance. The guy played the guitar OK. It was an Emile Sande track, apparently. They seemed to stay very serious throughout, though. The guy stayed completely emotionless. very, very strange. I can only guess that someone in the production team told them to behave like that for the first audition just to make the show more interesting. She is the sort of act that I'f be happy to see winning this and she could definitely sell albums and do stadium concerts. The guy can just hang around.

Ellis Lacy is one of the few 'hunks' on the show so far, a navy weapons engineer, but he doesn't get through. We didn't hear much of what he had to offer.

Jade MacGuire next. She's 30 and had a record deal ten years ago. She was in a band called Pop! and says they had three UK hit singles. They were two Top 20 numbers and another made 26 but it looks like they didn't get the right promotion breaks from there. So this is a bit like The Voice which was famous for its old stars reappearing. It's not a good start but once she gets going it improves and she sort of gets the right notes. I'd expected better. She is a nice sort of person, though, who'll be cmpeting with that farm girl from Gloucestershire in someone's Judge's Houses in a few weeks' time. The audience like her.

Some slightly mature big girls do gospel. Called Silver Tone they ruin Rather Be and I hope Clean Bandit weren't watching the show. Not good. In another bit of what looked rehearsed they get told to come back with a gospel number. Some gospel guys are watching and urging them to do better next time. So we just know that the guys will be really good and, of course, so too, will be the girls.

They have a good, clean, look although the jeans on one look crazy. Anyway, Bekln do a pretty good job of Hold Back The River once they get past the first couple of lines. Lots of church runs and stuff like that but not the usual wailing you get from these choir people. Nice job. We should see quite a bit more of them.

Sure enough, the gospel girls reappear with a messy version of Still Waters Run Deep and a smattering of Bridge Over Troubled Water. Everybody thinks they're great but I wasn't very impressed. I am pretty sure that was all put together, as well as the filming of the guys watching them. That had to be prepared. Anyway, that's better than some of the real crappy acts that we've seen before. I hope Simon doesn't fancy putting a Big Gospel Choir together.

A young person at last. Charlie is 17, nice girl. A Change Is Gonna Come is a big number and she does it justice. Well done. She'll be around for a while. Performance of the night. (I'll add a video when one is available).

Vicki Nash next. She's a professional singer already and does a competent job but lacks something compared to a couple of acts tonight.

Back after not quite making Judges' Houses is Rumour Has It, three young girls who have plenty of confidence and come across as very modern and very well-rehearsed. Good job, they'll get through a round or two, no problem.

Monica is another act that got to the 6 chair challenge before Judges' Houses. That was a very good audition indeed. A good night for potential Judges' Houses acts. Monica will probably get there this time although how far after that I'm not so sure. We'll see.

Another well-planned ending!

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