Monday, 20 November 2017

Live Shows: Week 4

The whole concept of reducing 10 down to 6 at this stage seems crazy. Just as acts are beginning to settle and those new to the game are beginning to compete on more even terms with those who are quite at home on the stage, their time is called.

The producers call this a Quarter Final Weekend, for waht that's worth.

The winner this weekend will get a decent prize: sessions with Ali Tamposi who, Simon tells us, wrote the current chart #1 and #2. Must be a SYCO bird and someone Simon Cowell can persuade to do this. Whoever wins should get a nice trip to the States with time with the writing team and is guaranteed a single which may well be as good if not better than whatevr the winner of the series may get.

Saturday night and it's the Boys v the Groups.


A likeable chap for sure. Touch of the Olly Murs. A nice, simple performance but he must be vulnerable if two are to go tonight, nor did he get the best of reviews.

Sean & Conor Price

Another likeable act but also, in my view, likely to be vulnerable. They're more modern than Sam and this was an interesting and well thought-out performance which ought to have quite a good impact this week. That may save them, depending on what the others come up with. They probably have done about as much as they could.

The Cutkelvins

They're trying very hard this time but I am not at all sure about the track which no one will know or necessarily warm to quickly. It's their own original and that's pretty risky at this stage. It was brave and, in places, impressive and the girl excelled as usual but will the public recognise all that?


Pretty boring. Solid enough but very forgettable. Nothing much to say about that but he's topped the bill before and so I shall assume he will be safe.


A super original number. Really good performance too and that has to see them safely through for another week, no problem,

So, cutting two of these is crazy but that's what has been decided in this super short series.

I would rank them: Boys: Lloyd | Sam, Groups: Rak-Su | Sean & Conor Price | The Cutkelvins with, possibly both guys going.

I worry for the Cutkelvins in this match but they do make it with Rak-Su and Lloyd. Farewell Sam and Sean & Conor Price.

Now, Sunday and the Girls and Overs. Another five to become three. Harsh.


Her personality shines through and she is developing fast. Impressed last week and again this week. Despite looking like Mickey mouse, she had a smart set and showed a good, relevant, youthful image. Unfortunately she never starts well, wobbling on lower notes in particular and was seriously off key often during the track. That spoilt an otherwise good try. I can see her getting votes, though, for the overall show.


In complete contrast, we get Whitney's classic I Will Always Love You in slowed and earthy style. Fabulous, just fabulous. Another chart entry right there. This guy must be one of the potential winners.


A really earthy performance by this chap too who is clearly trying to match Kevin somehow, anyhow. I thought he would be vulnerable tonight but that was very professional and the notes were spot-on. Other than being a bit old-fashioned I can't see a good reason for him going tonight.


After two excellent Overs she must be wondering that she could easily be one of the two girls to go tonight. Love Me Harder was the song. A bad choice. Superb singing as always with this girl but the song was just not one she should have attempted. Maybe it was an attempt to make her 'current'. She simply does not connect enough with people and, despite being one of the best actual voices tonight, I think she is going home after that. Pity.


Another good, damn good original track. Commercial too and you have to admire this girl's talent. Good singing too and she ought to be the girl who survives, providing recent events outwith the show do not have an adverse effect with voters.

We'll see soon enough.

That's it.

My ranking:
Pretty obvious really:
Overs: 1 Kevin | 2 Matt
Girls 1 Grace | 2 Rae-Elle | 3 Holly

Yes and Grace and Rak-Su are the winners, battling for the writing prize. Rak-Su win that, after three goes that seems pretty fair and was probably made that way.

Holly and Rae-Elle leave, as I had rather suspected. I think Matt was lucky.

Next week all acts will be competing with each other - a much better idea, I think. I worry that another two may go, however.

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