Sunday, 14 October 2012

Week 2 Results: Deadlock, Melanie.

Twelve become eleven tonight as the votes come in for this second (and mostly much improved!) week of performances.

Entertaining the crowd while the producers added up the scores were Rebecca, runner up to Matt Cardle last year, looking totally different and so much more confident than during her weeks on the show. She still stayed pretty much in one place, as was her trademark last year, but sounded fabulous. She shared the bill with the remarkable Taylor Swift. Taylor writes her own material and presents in a way that so much confirms that. This was a performance of the single with Never Ever Ever in the long title that everyone under 21 knows well. Maybe not her best ever ever track but it was a joy to watch her knock the years off the X Factor stage and show us something fresh and fun rather than the heavy over-production of some of the contenders' acts.

This should have been the week that Old Baloney went home and you could the cries of 'Oh no!' echo round the audience as his name was called out along with the favourites Ella, Union J and James. MK1 were clearly delighted to escape the Bottom 2, and must have expected to have to perform again but clearly someone somewhere liked both their style and strange renditions of Jackson Five songs. Lucy, Jade, Jahmene and Rylan names are called too, the latter's resulting in Nicole being lifted up and transported around to cries of 'Oh no!' from Rylan himself.

That left Kye, District 3 and Melanie standing looking forlorn. Kye, who had been called first in Week 1 was the last safe in Week 2 and must have thought himself pretty fortunate, especially if he'd listened overnight to some very dodgy notes in his unimpressive performance.

So, between Melanie and District 3, everyone was working out who would vote for whom. Louis and Gary, of course voted for their acts and Tulisa voted for District 3 to stay. Bearing in mind Nicole's complimentary remarks about District 3's appearance yesterday I had expected her to confirm Melanie's exit but she went the other way and one again it was down to who had the least of the public votes.

District 3 had made a good effort to hit the right notes, show some brotherly love and stay in tune, apart from the very last note. Melanie had put on a really good show, a track that you got the feeling she had performed many times before, and anyone judging the two acts on those performances would have had to go for Melanie. However it was she that had the lowest vote and that meant she had to go, the second of Gary's acts, reminiscent of Tulisa losing two groups in quick succession last year.

Hopefully Club Classics will see the end of Christopher next week.

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