Saturday, 16 November 2013

Top 7 Song list: British Songbook

Well, that will certainly give everyone plenty of choice. I really don't see the point of this theme. It's so broad that the contestants or their mentors could choose virtually any style they wanted. In a way that's probably a good thing now I think about it: I have moaned before about making rock acts do ballads or someone as far removed from Abba as you can imagine being required to do Fernando.

Some of the variations were fun, though, as Abi tried to show us. Unfortunately, not enough of the voters got her, and, despite a good effort in the sing-off against Hannah, she was going sooner or later and we bade farewell to the nice girl last week.

Hannah has now escaped twice. She is more interesting and better than the dreadful Misha B but I still get the feeling that what we see on camera is different to what gets said and done behind the scenes with that girl. Whatever the case, she's not a future star and won't survive much longer. She has a great song this week, however, so may well make the Top 6.

Hannah Barrett – Satisfaction

Presumably she'll belt this out and, as that's how this track does need to be treated, that won't do her any harm. It won't be a favourite with the grannies, though, so she'll finish up bottom three, maybe just escaping bottom two this time.

Luke Friend – Your Song

A risky number. Not quite sure what louis has in mind here with the ancient Elton ballad. I can't see how Luke can do this one and still get enough votes.

Nicholas McDonald – Someone Like You

Nicholas is quite boring. Nice enough fellow with a good voice but really not a star or someone that most of us will be rushing out to buy next year. Plenty of grannies will, though, so he makes the Top 6.

Rough Copy – Viva La Vida

They're showing some brilliance in selecting tracks and are still shining strong here. I have no idea how they'll perform this but I reckon they're on track for the Top 6 all right, almost whatever they do, just as along as they keep clean in the press.

Sam Bailey – Something

From what we read in some papers, Sam B has been topping the voting polls since the start and no-one has come close. I can believe that as she does have a great appeal to what seems to be the mid-series voting profile and she definitely can sing well. Not someone I would expect to see launching a massive career but she could do a mini Susan Boyle and then fade away after a year. So she's our most likely winner by the seems of it. She'll do this lovely track well and with feeling.

Sam Callahan – Faith

George Michael would like Sam C, I'm sure and, actually, that's probably where Sam C's career should head - a new Wham for the 2010s. He is very popular out there in voting land but, again, I can't see this track coming across very well and I'd put him in the bottom two this week.

Tamera Foster – Diamonds Are Forever

Here is the great mystery of this year on X Factor. Tamera should be stealing the show but isn't. She looks fabulous, seems to say the right things in interviews, on Xtra Factor and so on and has a marginally better history than Rough Copy. The papers have been giving her a bad time, though, and she's getting the sort of comments old Balonie was getting last year. So it seems that she has to work twice as hard to succeed on this show as the others. This is a pretty tedious song and, yes, she'll look great and sparkle and everything, but I am not sure how much she'll appeal to the voters. But, whoever she goes up against - Sam C or Hannah, she should get selected and survive to Top 6. She deserves to. In fact, she deserves to win, being the only act with real star quality that will sell records and, possibly, get exported too.

Luke is a dark horse and I wouldn't mind him winning but can't see that happening. Rough Copy look like a definite for runners-up this time. I do hope they're there as the thought of a Sam B - Nicholas Final is quite depressing.

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