Saturday, 22 November 2014

Someone had to go. Just not that act.

This week the last seven choose either a Whitney or Elton number in order to try and get through to the Top 5. Two go this weekend, one immediately at the end, another in the sing-off of the next two with the fewest votes. So out of the seven, only four acts can relax and be sure of another week. 


She did a good job of this and brought a modern look to the song, aided by her young brother. I hope this isn't setting a precedent and Stevi asks to bring on his gran or something. Nice, fairly simple but good, performance that will keep her in.

She has youth on her side and I can see her being a popular artist, singing Demi Lovato numbers. Whether she'll be around for long is so much down to who writes her songs and how effective they are at making her look appealing. She has shown strong character in the shows so far and hardly missed a note. She could win this but will need to do something a little more memorable.


He took a risk with this. Dolly Parton, who wrote it, and Whitney Houston, who made pop history with this, both had the abilty to find notes and hit them perfectly. It isn't as easy a song as everybody probably thinks and Ben did appear a bit weak and missed some important notes. He should get away with that and didn't do a karaoke version so that is to his credit. This may put him in the danger zone but there's no way he's going anywhere. He started this week as second favourite to win (behind Andrea) but I can't see where he'd sit in the charts, genre-wise. He's a nice lad and, despite being an 'Over' seems younger than Andrea anyway.

Only The Young

I would love to see them not only survive this week but win the show as they have such talent and professionalism. They are the one pop act that I can see in the charts and being popular with kids out of all of them. For some reason they don't seem to have got the judges on side in a big way yet. They put a totally new slant on The Way You Look Tonight and it was very, very good. Simon says that they are coming alive and hopes the public keep them in. So important that they do stay.


OK, to his credit, he held back on the wailing and, of course, was note perfect. I just thought it was a bit tedious and fine for cruise ships, even expensive ones. He may well get some albums out at Christmas but that really has to be all that we'll be seeing of him if he does win. He'll survive another week and I guess he's in the final whatever I say or you think.


I was joking about bringing the family on stage but Fleur has hers too. For no particular reason I can think of. She knows this song well and it shows. That was absolutely brilliant. A pleasure to hear all those notes in the right place. Well done. Not my favourite song but I admire this woman - she may have been one who could have been at risk but that must surely see her through.


What a mess. I'm Still Standing could have been all right. The guy's voice wasn't that bad but the show was weird. Cheryl, very politely, says it's time he went. Simon disclaims any responsibility for the staging with the chap in some Egyptian outfit and a lot of girls and honey, fluff and whatever. As well he might. It didn't work. he has to go but you can never know with this guy.

Stereo Kicks

I still think that name is wrong but never mind. The song just rolls along and they get through without any problems. I just thought it was a bit boring but that's the song's fault as much as theirs. That was enough to get them off the bottom tonight - well, it ought to be but we never know what'll happen.

Soon enough we will know as the act with the lowest votes will go tonight. It shouldn't be close but it might be. I just hope it is Stevi. Or maybe someone else can go and then we can be certain that Stevi will go tomorrow as he has to lose the next sing-off. Surely?

The four acts happily through must be Andrea, Ben, Fleur and Lauren. I would be surprised if it were any different. Tough choice tomorrow if Stevi goes tonight.

Oh dear, Only The Young didn't get the public vote. Such a shame. I'm not sure many people agreed with that and there'll be a riot backstage. And they're in the tour so will be well paid.

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