Tuesday, 25 November 2014

The viewers' choices for contestants on Saturday.

Now we have the tracks chosen by the public for each of the five finalists to sing on Saturday. They'll also have second numbers which haven't been declared yet.

So Ben gets the Ed Sheeran track. Modern, in the zone for many and it seems almost perfect for him. Expect a heavier version which could make quite an impression and should secure a Top 4 place.

Andrea gets the classic Big Ballad. It has some dreadfully difficult first notes and almost everyone I've heard attempt it wobbles around them and tries to get away with belting the later bits out when it really needs some sensitivity. The Italian hasn't shown much control so far, just big belting noises and horrid facial expressions. He got fewer votes last week than anyone, possibly including Stevi, so I'm not sure this is the track to win many people back with.

Fleur has done well so far, with a crazily wide range of tracks and delivered all of them almost faultlessly. This one is neither easy nor, I fear, likely to be as popular. She'll need a damn good second track, although we may just see her move us with this one after all.

I have no idea how Lauren will put this together on the stage but I do wish her the best of luck. It could be great and all credit to her for attempting something different. This track doesn't have to have the insistent and oh so catchy stadium synthesiser beat but if she can somehow build that in at the end it would be nice.

Tailor made for eight guys to sing their hearst out to. Great choice for them by Miss and Master Public. This did more or less won the competition for Leona in 2008 and I reckon, unless they totally cock up the notes, this will get them safely into the Top 4, possibly even avoiding a sing-off.

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