Monday, 11 September 2017

If Deanna wins, Syco should donate profits to Anguilla recovery

Week 2 Part 2 starts with us being told that it's the hottest day of the year which doesn't exactly bring a sense of how up-to-date we are in what's been happening in X Factor Land. For all we know the final 24 are already at Judges' Houses.

The producers still seem the same bunch despite my recommendations that some get sacked after the first few efforts at entertaining us and we get to watch some big girl in a yellow dress sing surprisingly badly. People are already looking at the TV guide to see what else they can watch.

Fortunately a girl from the once pretty successful Neon Jungle leads a new group called Cutkelvins in a great audition and I would expect them to have made the Judges' Houses as they're ready to go in many respects, modern and could appeal widely.

We get glimpses of someone called SJ Hill and Harrison Styles who seem pretty good but we can't really tell and you wonder what the point is in even showing the clips. Then someone called Daniel Quick gets a very long intro and occupies a complete chunk of programme between adverts. I don't see this guy being a great advert for the X Factor at all as the only people who would buy his stuff if he did make the final would be grannies at Christmas. He may be talented but more in terms of ballad singing in 1973 or thereabouts.

A group from the Philippines called JBK bring their Pino Pop to the UK. They can take it back again. You just get the feeling they are a sort of karaoke machine themselves. Odd. Another glimpse of a Spanish girl, Elyza, I think, who was OK and then some classic unfortunate phrases as a young lady from Anguilla appears. All week we have been hearing how Hurricane Irma has devastated the island and the extraordinary, massive destruction that has occurred there and in other parts of the area. So It's beautiful there and  I want to put Anguilla on the map have a distinctly hollow ring today. Quite sad, too, was her song title  I have nothing. Let us hope that the island communities can be rebuilt quickly and life restored to what certainly was a beautiful place and perhaps the adversity may tilt to Deanna's advantage. She is, genuinely, good and has the look of a potential winner already. Her voice is a bit tinny at the top of her range and I've heard that song performed better but she is good and could be a serious contender with the right material.

In complete contrast is Andy Holloway from Scunthorpe who appears at first with some very strange looking bloke called Scott who is quite scarily lanky and morose. Andy sings an original which is still well out of tune. Why show these people, especially spooky Scott?

Aidan Martin is the last of the night. A nice enough chap, back again after 10 years. He has written a very good song, packed with emotion and seems to reach to Sharon in particular with his emotional lyrics and expression. His voice is a bit nasal and his breathing needs some work but it'll be worth seeing him again.

The show then just closes as the competition is advertised. It was like there were no more auditions that could even vaguely be entertaining. That doesn't fill us with confidence. So far we have just about got enough for a reasonable final and that's all. Twelve live shows could be difficult without a few more.

I am really hoping they do something about the sad trestle tables next week and just make a bit more of an effort to make things look better on screen. They may have chosen to return to 'old style' room auditions but they could, at least, bring a bit more professionalism to the framing, furnishing and backgrounds in the room.

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