Sunday, 25 November 2018

The Top 6 perform (Semi-Final)

They call this a Semi Final but with six still remaining I see it more as just another week except that we're told two will go tonight and another tomorrow! Jeez, someone seems to want to shut this down very rapidly again like last year. This is really not a good idea. As the weeks go by we have better contestants, more experienced and more likely to produce good performances. It seems crazy to cut so many so quickly but there you go.


The young lad from Ireland is first tonight with Run. One day he will really start well. Even though the song may be gentle he needs a stronger start. However, this was lovely once he got into it. Super job of the Snow Patrol classic which Simon got Leona Lewis a win with.


A Shirley Bassey number, This Is My Life. Odd that I don't recognise this. If it hasn't been a hit before then Danny could probably sell a lot of these to the oldies as he does it well. He seems very confident and should definitely get the maximum oldies vote with that excellent performance. I have to hand it to the guy and, whilst he really should go tonight, this performance might save him.


A great song choice with an a capella rendition of I'm Feeling Good or whatever the title of this classic is. He almost gets lost, disappearing in the strange set lighting and I am not sure I like all the vocal antics on a number like this one. I prefer less vocal 'movement' but he is still a very impressive act and transcends the others again. The crowd, as ever, are really noisy and supportive.

I am beginning to wonder just how genuine the humble attitude is now. Is he acting a bit? He must by now realise that he will either win or come second and will have a great contract and lots of support from lots of influential people. He's made it via this show, no doubt about that. Unless he has totally ignored all the chatter he must surely realise that he is as good as everyone keeps telling him he is, myself included.

I would be amazed if he doesn't win as things stand but then I was just as amazed that Shan was sent home so who knows?

Acacia and Alysiah

Blinded By Your Grace mixed with something else, possibly I Win
Well that was an odd mash-up for sure but it was very good other than just stopping too soon. I am always impressed by their remarkably good co-ordination and ability to seem so cool and together no matter how complex the performance seems. They do also seem to really enjoy all this and it is effortless. This is another crowd pleaser. A very smart couple with bags of energy and very good on stage. It will be a touch decision tonight. Normally I'd expect them to go. From past votes it must still be likely but I am not sure they'll deserve to this time.


Livin' On A Prayer
I don't think he has ever had a start or finish slot. I feel he has to be vulnerable this week even before he starts. It seems to me that Danny has taken the lead in the squawking competition. Yes, this was a weak performance, not bad but really very unexceptional and just a bit boring too. Just a copy of the Jon Bon Jovi number. He'll go.


This Is Me
there's a choir in the audience. A good performance again and a very good song for her. Not something I like much buy it suits her and is the big ballad we have only had competition from Danny for so far. She has a nice voice now - so much improved and more so than the others. I can see her being popular but if two have to go then she has to be vulnerable.

Before the vote closes we get the Abba round!! With Benny and Bjorg too which is pretty special, although we don't see them together, oddly. Maybe they don't get on.

During this Alysiah & Acacia absolutely stand out for their performance of Money Money. It's all a bit naff at the end though but that may well do them some good as everyone else was decidedly average.

Anthony actually survives. Oh dear. Danny and, sadly, Brendan leave. I would not have predicted that.

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