Monday, 12 November 2018

Live Shows Week 2

LMA Choir

Proud Mary should suit them well but this is a confusing noise. The lead is just trying too hard and this didn't work well at all. As entertainment on board a cruise ship they're Ok, I guess, but not for the UK music scene in 2018.


Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word
A very nice job of this. Just her against a simple white set. Excellent. A finalist, in my book.


He's lost his voice. He's a nice guy but this is the second time he's had problems and sympathy only lasts so long. He just seems to be in trouble all the time. He has a nice tone but it doesn't work for me and is actually quite poor in places this week. I can't remember the track.

The judges start doing their vote catching camera grabbing thing which really does not make attractive TV.


The Cher song is a good choice and matches his style well. This is a stronger performance than we've seen before but it is still just a little light. More power is needed to bring out what he can do and emphsise the special tone he has.


Just Want To be Close To You
Their first cover after a series of great original tracks. They're a 2018 Wham for me. Very good. they deserve to be around for a long time. Not the most exciting song, to be hinest but they must be safe for a while and their tuning and performance are faultless.


Dermot says she's too young to have any guilty pleasures! She's still a great little pop star, despite all the mistakes she makes. Overall, she pulled this together but i am not at all sure what the voters will make of her performance. I hope they like it as she deserves to get more chances and to establish what she really intends to be as an artist.


I Have Nothing
The Whitney number. Brilliant. One of my favourite acts this year and outstanding in many ways. He has a fabulous range and control and is always in tune, spot-on and can interpret lyrics so well. He gets a big crowd approval too.


Always On My Mind
Nice choice but she wanders around the notes far too much and I don't like that. Otherwise she's OK but I don't see her getting much further than the last eight or nine. She'll be safe for a while, though.

Acacia & Aliyah

Another weird combination from this great pair of youngsters who are 14 going on 24. They mix a gentle intro with Shut Down which is entirely the opposite. very good but also very odd. An excellent performance.


Hit me Baby One More Time
Who would have imagined this guy doing Britney? But he can try and is brave and just one hell of a performer. This didn't work but he is so competent and professional that he may survive and get away with it. He is a lot more likeable now too.


I Want To Know What love Is
The Foreigner number that everyone knows and he gives us a nice version. He's a bit karaoke in places but he should outlast old Tetley in that respect. You can't help liking this fellow and he'll survive for a while but, like Scarlett, his days will be numbered.

United Vibe

Simon wants Twitter to vote on a name change. At last these guys sound good together. they might just have saved themselves and start building a fan base to carry them further through. They're still a bit weak but a lot better. Simon says they were 'terrible' and Louis is not impressed either.


Diamonds Are Forever
A good, strong performance but just a bit 'ordinary'. I am not sure how voters will react.


She just got through last week. another professional performance but simply uninteresting. However stylish she appears, she doesn't attract an audience in this competition. This also did not suit her at all.

It is Janice who is out straightaway, joined by LMA Choir who sang off against Brendan in a surprising bottom three.

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