Sunday, 2 December 2018

The Final: Pt 1

The evening starts off with a sing-a-long. We've managed to avoid these so far. With Robbie Williams leading the way, though, especially with Let Me Entertain You, it was not at all bad. Gio was in his element and probably performed better than anyone else.

As stated last week, Simon Cowell has 'changed the rules' so that all three stay in until the second instalment rather than one being kicked out tonight as, possibly, originally planned.


Let It Be
Good local lad stuff. OK, suits him well but nothing exceptional. You do tend to think that he's coming 3rd.


A quality number. I don't know what it is but could be A Song For You. I deal for his range and style and he produces a pretty powerful performance emotionally. It seems to have bits of Elton John's Your Song but maybe I am mistaken.

He gets the usual amazing crowd reaction and the judges are doing their best not to say that he really has to win the whole thing.


Your Song
Now that's odd. Scarlett actually does do this song. Quite a coincidence. A nice version and she also seems to have great audience support. Robbie Williams actually asks her to do a Hyde Park concert with him! That was totally unrehearsed and off the cuff as we can see from the later exchange with Simon. A nice touch. Simon refers to Fleur East indirectly by saying that he doesn't want to see Scarlett on I'm A Celebrity drinking worm juice in a couple of years' time!

Anne-Marie and James Arthur do their single from the Greatest Show On Earth collection. James looks a bit uncomfortable as a straight act.


He performs with Tom Walker with Leave A Light On. 
It's another very good choice as it suits him well. Tom may have stolen quite a bit of the lime light, however, and Anthony was just a bit of accompaniment. For all that there is a lot of love for this guy.


He is with Emile Sande with Beneath You're Beautiful.
I am not sure this was a great song for him and the duet. They are well-matched, though, although she seems to hold him back quite a bit. It's nice stuff but could have been even more impressive perhaps. I don't see that bringing home a great deal more votes but my guess is that he ought to have enough already.

We get George Ezra next and Shotgun.


Closing the show with Robbie Williams and Angels ! Her start is a bit uncertain but you can see she is absolutely delighted and so naturally playful that it's like she doesn't really care what happens now. This is all quite endearing. Obviously the duet with Robbie is a great break and she now has a gig with him too but this says to me that she's happy to come second. Interestingly, Simon's smart move with this pairing and her relaxed performance could even switch things!

This will appeal to a lot of voters.

It still seems to be Dalton's to win.

More soon

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