Monday, 3 December 2018

The Final: The Winner.

Well, Baby Shark was not what I would have predicted to start tonight's show! Simon seemed to suggest that he couldn't mention the performers. That was weird. Are they a SYCO thing? Getting a lot of plays and rumoured to be in the running for the Christmas No. 1 but surely it's way too early.

Whatever, someone has to follow that and it's


I Predict A Riot with the Kaiser Chiefs.
Now that was really good! Probably due to Ricky Wilson doing a great vocal and the band being great too but Anthony held his own. Pretty amazing and he had genuinely the sheer enjoyment factor.

Ellie Goulding does her guest spot next. A safe act and nothing like Cheryl! She backs Dalton.


One More Sleep with Leona Lewis
Another excellent choice. It's the modern classic Christmas song. Nice but i prefer Leona on her own doing this. I guess Leona must be speaking to Simon Cowell nowadays. Good crowd reaction. Scarlett didn't do herself any harm at all with that.

Nile Rogers gets the next guest spot and I'm delighted to see him also featuring Misunderstood and Acacia & aliyah in his set. Nice touch and they're two good groups I suspect he will ensure we'll see more of.


The Power Of Love with James Arthur
The Frankie Goes To Hollywood one not the other one. Beautifully sung. Dalton was sufficiently different to James so that James didn't take it over. An interesting duet but i wonder whether the public will have preferred Ricky Wilson or Leona Lewis tonight?

It really ought to be Dalton who wins this thing. But who knows?

Take That come on as the last guest act and do Shine and some more with Robbie Williams joining them.

The results:

3rd place: Anthony
2nd Scarlett

1st Dalton.

All good.

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