Sunday, 28 September 2014

Boot Camp Pt 3

Kisella is the shock eviction as the idiot dance stays when Jay James gets his place.

Fleur East is last but one up and is very modern. Wobbly voice and not pleasant to listen to but she would be a better bet than that idiot dancing bloke who shouldn't really be there. She gets a seat and Raign goes out. No love lost between her and Cheryl.

Helen Fulthorpe is the last one. I remember she was good before. She is way better than the other girls and, of course the idiot who must be wondering how he is still there. That was excellent and, yes, she has to have a seat. It looks as though she'll take the blonde one's place. Yup, Lizzy goes. idiot is till there. No, Lizzy stays and Janet goes as he changes his mind and 'listens to the audience'.

I do find that chap's survival very strange. Surely he can't make the Live Shows and so this is, in a way, academic if Simon has, as we must assume, decided who he'll take through, subject to reasonable performance at Judges' Houses. You'll remember that acts have still made Live Shows after poor Judges' Houses efforts so there is a certain amount of predetermination going on here.

The Brooks kick off Louis' Groups round. They're good. As they're under 16, if they get a seat then they keep it. They're home and dry. That's pressure for the others.

Next is a group made up from some of those rejected before. In fact, all of them are in an 8-boy band that Simon has put together for Louis to play with. So that'll be different. No name yet! 24 hours only together and they do Leona Lewis' Run. Really well. Each individual vocal sounded great which made me wonder how on earth they hadn't been selected before. Obviously they get a seat! Not sure how they'll get on in various stages but it is an experiment that could be interesting.

The Groups seem so much better than the other categories. And I've only seen two of them so far.

Blonde Electric are next up. I Love Rock n Roll was fun but I wouldn't take them through. They can have a seat for now, though, as they can be kicked out later.

The Pow Pow girls are not that good and not as together as they have been before. They might not make it. He could have kept them for a while at least. 'You kept Blonde Electric in!?' said Simon. 'Bring them back!' shout the audience. This is mad. So the Pow Pow Girls get a seat. I am sure it will all change soon enough anyway.

Overload have been good too. Another boy band? How can he take three through? And there could be more to come. Nine To Five was a bit boring. The audience love them but it wasn't brilliant. Again he could give them the seat and change later. He does that.

Five girls in a new band. Each one was sent home as a single audition. I don't feel they worked that well as a band although they did only have three hours apparently. They get the sixth seat. That's fair enough as now he can replace a few easily enough. I reckon Overload, the new girl band and Blonde Electric could all disappear fairly quickly.

Concept are very well matched. I reckon they sounded better than Overload and on a par with the 8 boy band. They're through and Blond Electric go. No they don't. Louis kicks out the new girl band instead.

Only The Young do Nine To Five and seem much more professional. I think they were persuaded to enter by Simon and weren't that enthusiastic at first. They're chosen to go through. Louis tries to send Overload off but there's almost a riot! One of the lads from Overload says he'd like to fight to stay and so Louis says that it would be between them and the Pow Pow Girls. Cheryl then says he should bring the other new girl band back. So the three get a go at that last seat. Overload sounded best to me. The new girl group get it! Wow.

I do feel that was all a bit manufactured for our sakes.

So Simon has Ben Haynow, Lizzi Pattison, Jay James, Fleur East, Helen Fulthorpe and idiot Stevi Ritchie.
Mel B has Jake Quickenden, Jack Walton, Andrea Faustini, Paul Akister, Jordan Morris, Danny Dearden.
Cheryl has Lola Sauders, Chloe Jasmine, Stephanie Nala, Emily Middlemas, Lauren Platt, Kerrianne.
Louis' Groups are: The Brooks, Blonde Electric, New Boy Band, New Girl Band, Concept and Only The Young.

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