Saturday, 20 September 2014

Wembley Auditions 3

This week's show is straight in to performances.

Chloe Jasmin
She had a super 'Room' audition and survived the comments about her accent and I love her wacky, confident attitude. She does a track from Roger Rabbit and is almost a cartoon character herself. Very good and she manages to win over the crowd. Very impressive performance of something quite different. I am not sure I would had advised her to take the X Factor route but, as Cheryl says, there's something fascinating about her.
Easily through to live another day. How she would fit into the Live Shows I don't know but I do wish her well. Super girl.

Fleur East
She was a member of Addictive Ladies who reached the Live Shows in the year that Chico was around! I can't remember when but they went out in Week 2. She looks good and moves well but, whilst this was a lot better than her first effort and she did show some pzazz this time. Easily through.

Says she's a singer songwriter and just got through by the thinnest of margins. She is a bit annoying when she's talking but I don't know how much was for the cameras. Her intro is terrible. Sings her own song called Rain. It needs to be extremely good or the audience alone will vote her off. It's a bit heavy. She is interesting, Florence-like, and the song grows very well indeed, carrying the audience with her. She asks for a mic stand but never uses it. I think she did well. I see a 2-2 vote again. Louis and Mel say Yes. Cheryl doesn't like her at all and says No. Once ago Simon saves the day and puts her through.

Emily Middlemas
Nice youngster. Does Yellow in her own style that I am sure we shall see a lot more of. I can imagine that she will not only be great to work with but should also make good TV, Another very easy 4 Yesses and I would expect her to make the Live Shows too.

BGT band from Hertfordshire, now going on her own. Appealing and popular, if not the best singer we've seen. Easily through to Boot Camp.

Older style singing but she's quite young. Looks a bit chunky in her denim boiler suit. She does a Carrie Underwood track that not many will know and which is also quite a difficult song to sing. Once she gets into it she wins the audience over nicely and starts to perform well. She is talented. Not sure how far she'll go through but easily through here. Listening to the judges, though, she could be one they'll choose to have on their Live Show team.

Louis seems to love these two mad girls. Luckily Simon doesn't. how they they even get to this stage?

Michelle Lawson
37, Singer.
Jennifer Hudson's And I'm telling You was a good effort but still the sort of stuff you'd here in a club and not something I see as a performer in the big time. Exactly what Louis said. She's not going anywhere. She was quite a hard character and a bit rude after the rejection.

Scarlett Quinn
This is the young girl who auditioned with her old husband (who has quite a lot of experience in the industry having worked with some well know bands). She's ditched him (in her act) and goes it alone, She can dance and move well but I am not so sure about the singing. She's modern and quite interesting and gets through to Boot Camp.

Van driver, 29
Wild Horses is an interesting choice. Rasping individual voice and nice personality on top of a great rendition of the song are more than enough to see him through to Boot Camp. One of the first guys that I've noticed so either there's a pile we haven't been shown or he hasn't too much competition and he may well make it further than Boot Camp.

So good that the producers have featured very few poor acts indeed with a clear concentration on those we may be likely to see more of in future - something we've been asking for for ages.

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