Sunday, 22 November 2015

The Top 5 already

The usual mad and hurriedly rehearsed sing-a-long starts the show and you just look at Anton and wonder what he's doing there. Reggie & Bollie seem to be able to entertain with whatever anyone throws at them. 4th Impact look good and I would like to see them make it through so that there might be a chance to see them with more individual performances as so far I've only seen this mass of four similar females with the occasional 'Let's Go!' added for good measure. I do think they could be vulnerable, though, but it's Anton who should go.

A lot of viewers will be wondering who on Earth Nathan Sykes is. One time member of The Wanted, that's who and he has a new single Over And Over that needs promoting. Decent job of a number he wrote himself.

Next Olly Murs switches from presenter to performer. He has been one of the more successful X Factor products with some very commercial singles and excellent sales. His latest, Kiss Me Like You Mean It could do with some more lyrics than the title.

Results time. Ché and Anton are the bottom two. That should make the decision easier for the panel, with a tearful farewell to Anton.

Super version of Some People by Ché must have secured his place in the Top 5. A similarly powerful and great track from Anton would justify his getting saved but that is probably be his best shot. He's on the tour, though, and wasn't going to win so that's cool. Yes, it is goodbye to Anton.

Quite a powerful final 5. Two good groups that we'll definitely see more of whatever happens, two girls and Ché. On a good day for any of these acts it could be anyone who steals the No.1 spot.

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