Sunday, 8 November 2015

Top 9

I was going to type 'Top 10' but it seems no-one listened to my suggestions for an extended life for those who make the Live Shows and instead we have the accelerated version with 4 leaving in the first two weeks.

Listening to the audience cheers, it would be two of 4th Impact, Kiera and Mason going home. Let's hope that they were just a bit slow with clapping 4th Impact who really ought to be safe, although they were not as impressive this week as they have been before. The other two, however, could be vulnerable, although my bet was Monica and Mason with Anton and Max around the bottom three too.

The sing-a-long was the usual tiresome couple of minutes and something appropriate for Remembrance Sunday.

In complete contrast Fleur East returns and, having brought Uptown Funk to the nation's attention last year in a pretty spectacular way, she now brings us Sax or something similar which sounds like another number by the same writers and should do well for her. It'll be interesting to see how she fares against Ben Haenow who beat her to the top spot last year and hasn't been heard of since but who is bound to launch a single and album through the show at some point.

Ceelo Green I have always found a disturbing character but I have to admit that he has an excellent set of songs to his credit. If he writes them himself then he has some talent indeed. He doesn't exactly help my impression of his worrying image by appearing to be dressed solely in bright flowers or a strange sort of carpet. Good track though, provided you didn't actually watch and I felt sorry for all those people who have invested in wall sized televisions as the dancing chrysanthemums would have been unbearably large.

So, results time. No doubt this will be dragged out over several advert breaks but here's the short version:

Safe are 4th Impact (I did have momentary doubts), Max (he'll be very relieved and even surprised), Louisa (her going would have been a resignation issue), Reggie & Bollie (the main stars this week had to be back), Monica (oh dear, not even bottom three), Che (of course), Lauren (OK) and it had better be Seann who gets the last safe place. No. Good Lord. Anton gets it which puts, Mason, Kiera and Seann in the bottom three. Wow. Didn't expect Seann there. I can only imagine he finished 9th and won't be the one kicked out straightaway.

My guess is that Mason got the 11th position and it'll be Kiera v Seann which Seann will win whatever Kiera does. It's actually Kiera in 11th place but Seann will beat Mason so the result will be the same. That'll still be a big shock for Seann and just shows how the voting public aren't over fond of his style.

Now Mason puts on a remarkably good performance with To the End Of The Road as his 'save me' song and all credit to him for that which, actually, would normally take some beating. Seann, though, if anyone, is the one who ought to be able to do so. He sang I'm Singing This Song For You very beautifully. Neither should be going this week but that's the way the voting goes.

As I said before, the acts should all have longer to get established with the audience, judges and voters. Simon and Cheryl save Seann. Rita saves Mason. Nick has to choose between the two guys and decides not to go for either by choosing to say he'd send Seann home and so going to deadlock. The contestant with the fewest votes of the two was...

... Seann. So he goes. Mason survives after all. I was very wrong there. My prediction of a possible winner has gone that quickly.

That was dramatic. I can only assume voters really didn't like the cross dressing. There can be no other reason.

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