Monday, 10 September 2018

Week 2 Pt 2 Athena is not just a company that made posters

This time the Rolls has XF3 and the white Mercedes has XF2.

Sunday's programme starts with Kiki who says she looks like Janet Jackson. She's confident and says she used to lead in the choir so we are expecting something good. She looks right and the track is One Night Only. That's all we'll see her for as this is not good at all. Out of tune from the start. You wish someone would tell her to stop. After the introduction we really did not expect this. I wonder whether she just started on the wrong note and cannot hear the backing. It was way too late when she was stopped. The panel were obviously trying not to be cruel but she's gone.

Burgundy, on the other hand, from Atlanta, delivers a stunning Aretha Franklin-style performance of Respect. Great big voice and bags of personality. Very good but just a bit too 1970s for my liking. Everyone raves about her. I get the feeling they've been getting bored until she came along.

Next we see a couple of pretty tedious blokes with guitars which Simon calls 'busker auditions'. There's some play between Louis and Simon as the latter dislikes blokes with guitars in the main. So the producers smartly come up with the bit with a chap called Tommy who has a guitar but does an good job with his original song King Pin. Decent bit of work with cheerful performance. Very naturally entertaining bloke the public like. He gets through.

Now we see Athena from Greece. She oozes sexuality in such a way that she seems slightly out of place and men are thinking things about her that perhaps they don't want to admit. She has some strange sort of power despite being not spectacularly attractive. She's a good performer, very experienced and even seems to have brought a couple of backing dancers with her. She does Beyonce's Crazy In Love - yes, with those dance moves too. Ayda is clearly not impressed and calls the whole thing cheesy which is pretty accurate. Robbie has fallen under her spell and calls her amazing. Louis and Simon are also entranced and Simon, fairly, says he simply cannot not put her through after that. That was a weird moment. I doubt that we'll see a great more of Athena.

Now we get the first group for quite a while. Three blokes from Hull. If I'd seen the name earlier I'd have guessed that they do opera stuff - this is the classic Nessun Dorma. They call themselves Tre Amici. They're not that great - sort of good but average in this field. Simon says he wants to hear just the middle bloke who he thinks is the one good singer of the three. I don't know whether this is another stage managed thing but the individual is not keen and eventually the three all join together to complete the audition regardless. Of course, the crowd go mad and love them all the more for not breaking up or doing what Simon says. They're different for this year, I suppose, but they're no G4 (and that was a very long time ago!)

Scarlett is the orange girl with the awful make-up and eyebrows last year. She fell at the Six Chair Challenge and deservedly so, in my view. In what strikes me as another stage managed affair she kicks off with a song she says she's written herself. It's no good. Simon says she can have another go and she pretty instantly does a published number that suits her voice and range very well. She does make a decent job of this second one and the crowd seem very supportive. The judges all like her and, of course, she's through once more. I expect this time she'll get a bit further but I just have a feeling that she's going to let herself down at some point either by annoying someone or just being annoying herself. I don't really want to have her face filling my screen again.

That's it. Another two or three possible candidates for the Live Shows here but no-one that I really expect to go far.

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