Monday, 1 October 2018

The 6 Chair Challenge Pt 1.

In a messy couple of shows the Girls and Overs were decided, as well as some of the Boys but we were left hanging at the end with one or to places still to be filled for the Boys. We have also not yet seen any groups at all!

I should warn readers now that this post contains the completed list of Boys as well as the Groups! I have changed the text colour of those who have yet to be shown on TV but these could be visible if you highlighted the text or, possibly, if your display system created an effect that overrides my colour.

Simon struggled - or, at least, appeared to struggle but I cannot believe that he had not actually decided who to take through to Judges Houses. So it was all a bit staged for my liking.

Ayda was pretty efficient and Louis fairly straightforward so far.

One new addition to the show is a sort of Golden X that sends an act straight through to Judges Houses. It looked a bit strained in how it was used in that the judge had to get up and move to hit the button. They had contrived reasons for doing so which really gave the game away.

So far it looks like pretty sensible decisions are being taken although many youngsters haven't made it that I had expected to. Shan still stands out for me amongst the Girls, Brendan amongst the Boys. None of the Overs seem really that great so far and the groups have been conspicuous by their absence!

Oh well. We're getting there slowly.


Bella Penfold (Golden X)
Mollie Scott
Georgia Burgess
Maria Laroco
Scarlett Lee


Ricky John (Golden X)
Danny Tetley
Giovanni Spano
Janice Robinson
Louise Setara
Olatunji Yearwood


Dalton Harris
Thomas Pound
Brendan Murray (GOLDEN X)
Armstrong Martins
Anthony Russell


VibeFive – Manufactured group
Sweet Sense – Manufactured group
LMA Choir
Burgundy Williams & Panda Ross

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