Monday, 8 October 2018

The 6 Chair Challenge Pt. 2

Louis finishes the selection for the Boys category with the final three entrants, starting with Thomas Pound in the guise of Lady Something or other Wild. He seemed off-key too much  and the switching between one character and the other seems pointless to me. I don't particularly like either although I can see he is a good performer. He gets a seat. Someone goes, I can't recall who.

JSol gives a fine, more traditional X Factor performance and that gets him a seat and someone else goes.

The last act is Dalton. He is possibly the best of all of them and, of course gets a seat. Initially Louis says he wants Thomas Pound to go. That doesn't go down well and the guy has a hissy fit and throws his toys out of the pram as if he had some kind of entitlement to go through. It begins to look staged again. Louis relents and asks JSol and Thomas to sing off for the last place. They both do very well and so Louis now asks Tommy with the guitar to go. Stupid. That guy may not have been great but he would have lasted in the pop world better than the Pound bloke.

So the Boys are Anthony | Amstrong | Dalton Thomas | Brendan | JSol

Next Robbie chooses the groups.

LMA Choir. Lots of people on the stage. More like a BGT act. We get about one line of their effort. it's OK, some of the choir seem very accomplished but they do get lost in the morass. Good standard overall but just not X Factor in my view.

The Squirrels are new to me. They do a sad version of River Deep Mountain High. They get a seat but they'll get kicked out soon enough.

AT Ty we did see before and they're an odd family sort of group. This time they were not at all good. again, they get a seat but I doubt they'll make Judges' Houses.

Tres Amice we saw before too and they do a nice job, although how we're supposed to get a clue based on the line or two we hear I don't know. They're a bit average, to be honest, and not that entertaining. G4 were far better.

Harry & Danny. Another new one on me. two decent enough lads but seriously lacking in charisma. They also get a seat just because there is one .

Lost Tiger are, I think, identical twins. Tight, pretty good but I can't imagine them going far as they are rather forgettable. Once again, we get precious little to go by and they get a seat anyway because there is one left.

Sweet Sense are a manufactured girl band from various entrants. they look and sound good. Lively and the first happy people since the choir. Now they are an obvious seat and get one with someone going away.

The Hewitts are an odd couple. they're off-key and painful to look at and listen to. Individually they might be OK but together it didn't work. they get a seat somehow but soon lose it.

Acacia & Alliyah aka A Star. 15 and 14 but such impressive confidence. Great and they kinda bring the show alive after it really had started to sag. We get a lot more than we did with the others but Robbie still gets booed when he stops them for some reason. He says he wants to hear Bang Bang which they did before. they do this and it's just like they'd rehearsed all this. I expect they did! Obvious seats and they get the Golden Ticket! Simon says he'll sign them whatever happens.

Misunderstood are Geoff and Stephan who have been together 9 years. Quite a contrast to the previous girls but they come up with a great original track called Ghetto Style. Excellent, a good one. They have a good stage presence too. They ought to go far. I don't remember them from before.

Vibe 5 are a manufactured boy band made by the judges. Nice looking lads but no sparkle or X Factor. Better than several on seats so they deserve one at least. But i don't see them making it.

Panda & Burgandy are back and all I can say is Good Lord above. An amusing act but that's all. they still get AT Ty's seat. neither would make the Live Shows in my book.

So it's LMA Choir | Sweet Sense | Acacia & Alliyah | Misunderstood | Vibe 5 | Panda & Burgandy who are through.

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