Sunday, 11 October 2015

Cheryl starts picking the Groups for Judges' Houses Pt 3

Menn En Point are like a ready made Chart act and I think they have had some success already in Ghana so they come across very well and without doubt they get a chair. I would imagine it would take a lot to move them as I can see them in the live Shows. However, I have forgotten most of the groups.

Decibellas I don't remember from earlier auditions. One girl is very good, One screeches a bit. They don't get a seat, although Cheryl did note that one girl could make it on her own. So we may see her again.

Alien are next and they were good and quite crazy-looking. That was a super audition. Great. They could do very well. Modern and very Radio 1. Simon reckons they're one of the best groups and Cheryl clearly is very much taken with them. She has them marked down and expect them to be in the Live Shows, never mind just making Judges' Houses. That'll make it tough for the others too. Don't forget that the Filipino Groups will, surely, make it through. Unless there have been developments off stage in the meantime following revelations that they have already had some contracts and hits abroad.

Rumour Has It have been here before and have some experience over the past year. Individually they are good singers and they blend fairly well but are nothing exceptional. They made it to Judges' Houses last year but I am not so sure they will this time. They'll get a chair to start with but I reckon this category is very competitive and at a much higher standard than last time.

Here come 4th Power. They are ready-made. You can take them into a recording studio now, never mind the competition. Totally professional and the smartest of dancers, all of them. They're obviously in and the others must wonder how on Earth they can compete.

Mon Amie sound pretty good but does Cheryl really want a fourth girl group? She may start them off with a seat. She does. Not sure they'll stay long.

The First Kings are a great bunch and put on a good show. Well-rehearsed, but 'corny' as Simon calls them. Cheryl puts them on a chair so that's the seats full!

Next week we'll find out more about what happens with the Groups.

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