Monday, 19 October 2015

Top 24 update

Somehow I missed the return of the talented but very annoying Mason Noise to Nick's Boys category to replace Tom Bleasby. He was originally someone I'd have backed for the Live Shows but his petulant antics a couple of weeks ago did not endear him to many people at all. However, Nick's struggling with his lot and no-one is really going to match the sheer showmanship and talent of Seann so the other names are, for the time being, largely academic.

Simon Cowell is also hinting that he has made a couple of 'big mistakes' in his choice of Top 6 Overs. For many viewers, all six could be big mistakes as no-one really came across as a potential finalist and he is right to feel stuffed by the voters and somehow not to have had the foresight to tweak the voting as to who got which category in the first place.

So there may be further changes. It is, after all, quite a prize to spend a week or so being very nicely looked after by Simon and his team at a suitably luxurious and warm location and you really do want to have people around you that appear to deserve it and will be good company as well.

The full list of the Top 24 at the time of writing can be seen at the link above, where you can also cast your votes for one or more in each category.

This is the last and cruellest final hurdle: it is such a cool thing to make the Live Shows, even if you do get kicked off first. This year's batch is not exceptional overall but generally we seem to have avoided choosing completely silly contestants who can't sing but might just attract pensioner viewers. The money is on Louisa, 4th Power (or whatever they eventually get called) and Seann with Jennifer a distant fourth. I am hoping Ebru might come good in the Overs category and we may even get surprised by Bupsi, although that name is terrible and Nicole would be a lot better. I wouldn't make any bets, though, until any remaining 'mistakes' have been fixed and, indeed, three actually make the Live Shows in each category.

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