Sunday, 11 October 2015

Which Boys Make Judges' Houses? Pt 2

Nick Grimshaw still looks a bit uncomfortable but is probably with the best category for him to manage. He has several who are pretty much dead certs to get to Live Shows and this shouldn't be too difficult.

Brodie Kelly is first up. He's nervous but sounds pretty sweet. He looks good and the notes were in the right place. Nick doesn't give him a seat, despite Simon saying he'd give him a seat.

Tom Davies is much more confident and even brings on a load of girls too. He sounds like a poor version of Wham! He doesn't get a seat.

Jordan Luke Gage is another with a good voice but his performance is very bland. There was nothing much to commend him really. That's three in a row that don't get a seat.

Danny Sharples sounds really a bit strained and quite odd. Oh boy, I reckon they're bring on the bad ones all at the start. That was very poor. You wonder how these have actually got this far.

Tom Bleasby is so much unlike a pop star to look at but he has an angelic sort of voice. It is a slightly odd wail but I can imagine him doing well. He has a fabulous tone and is note perfect, most of the time. An odd fellow, though, and maybe put through more because Nick needs someone on the chairs than because he is going to win this thing. He is likeable too. He gets the first seat.

Jamie Aldridge I don't remember. The camera likes him. It is a mini audition but he does well in that couple of lines. He gets a seat and I reckon he stands a good chance of going further.

Papasidero is the guy with the weird voice and wings. Tonight he just has a bright yellow cape and does a version of Lady Marmalade. I can't see him doing terribly well other than as a novelty act. He gets a chair and has a great personality and he can sing but...

One of the best singers is Simon Lynch. He picks a difficult song and it starts not so well but he does get into his stride, sort of. Not a good choice at all and he changed from being someone I would have thought would easily make it into a doubtful entrant. He did, finally, make a good impression but it was only in the last few bars. Hopefully, that will be enough. Cheryl reckoned that he was the best audition so far. Simon doesn't do the other three any favours and says that if Nick doesn't get a seat he will eat himself as he was the best singer so far. Obviously, Simon didn't get to eat himself.

Nathaniel Landskroner is just 16 but comes across a lot older. He is a bit similar to Simon Lynch at first glance. He comes on with confidence. He doesn't sing too well, though. In fact he seems to be terrified and it doesn't go so well for him after all. A bit sad. I reckon Nick had quite liked him before and he gets tempted to keep him regardless. Chreyl says he couldn't even hold the microphine and Rita says he's crazy. I reckon he may lose that seat.

Sean Miley Moore is one of my 'dead certs'. Fabulous performance. Knocks the others for six. This is Adam Lambert on uppers! He gets a standing ovation from all four judges and the others on seats must wonder how they can compete with that.

Mason Noise is the second of my 'dead certs'. He is modern and, albeit a bit over-confident perhaps, he performs very well. He does a cool session and even brings on another guy to perform with. He is modern and right on in a rap style of sorts that I don't like but it was pretty clear that lots of people in the audience did like. He goes wrong, however, at the end when he invites everyone in the audience to film him. Surely that's too late as he has already performed? I don't get that, unless in actuality, each had more than we see. He says something about only getting 70 seconds when others got 10 minutes. Simon stops him and says he's within 5 seconds of being thrown off the show. I can't figure out quite what this guy is doing. Yes, it'll get him attention but he should have been a sure fire seat. Now Nick must wonder whether he is worth the risk. I am also not sure Mason will attract many extra X Factor viewers and it's not a competition he'll win. He argues with Simon and talks himself out of a place. That looked like he was trying to make a name for himself. Nick said he'd have had a chair. I reckon he just wanted a name on the TV screen.

Josh Daniel had another super audition and I am pretty sure he'll get a seat. I can also see him making the Live Show with Sean. Not sure who'll get the third slot. Seems a nice, genuine guy. Cheryl actually said that as I wrote it! Spooky! Yup, he gets a chair and will it be Simon or Nathaniel perhaps that goes? Or does Nick really see Tom working on TV? The guy may make albums but I am really not sure he'll suit the series.

It's Papasidero who goes home. Fair enough. He was an odd ball. he wouldn't have survived much further in the costume and showman stakes either with Sean on such great form.

Ben Clark comes on. He is the moodier, slow, broody sort of singer with a rasp and a real sense of emotion in his voice. A very good performance indeed. He deserves a chair, and could even be the third for the Live Shows now I think about it. Excellent. He'll get a seat. Not too difficult as there are two or three he an definitely be swapped for. Nick chooses Tom. The crowd want him back. They might be right. I still think he was wrong choosing young Nathaniel who is very similar to Jamie.
Tom gets brought back after all. Tom reminds me a bit of James Arthur. The audience did seem to have taken to him. Nathaniel it is. He could well come back and do very well next year.

Olly Marland is a good looking young chap and does a very nice version of Let's Marvyn Gaye and I can see him getting plenty of support. Is he better than Jamie, I wonder? On the basis that neither are likely to get through to the last three anyway I am not sure it matters a great deal. He does get a seat. It can't be Tom, or Sean or Josh or Ben so it has to be Jamie. Surely there can't be any more changes now, unless Che gets Olly's place.

Che Chesterton is good. I had forgotten how good and with It's a man's world he puts on an excellent show which means he has to get a seat and could even challenge Josh or Ben for the Live Show place. So surely Olly has to go - or, if he is feeling brave, try getting rid of Tom again. Nick says he has to have a chair and now he has to get rid of someone for sure. It has to be Olly. Or maybe Simon. I'd forgotten Simon was there. I'd still send Olly home but it is a little academic which Nick chooses provided he doesn't do anything stupid like pick Sean or Josh. He might feel that Ben doesn't look the part. He can get rid of Tom in the comparative peace and quiet of the Judge's House and so avoid the audience nightmare now. Olly goes. That's probably right.

So it's Sean, Josh, Ben, Che, Simon and Tom through to fight another day.

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