Sunday, 30 October 2016

Gifty goes as Ryan gets saved for the third time.

So, safe this week, should be:

Emily | Sam | Matt
Needing some luck with the voters:
5AM | Gifty | Honey G
At risk:
Saara | Ryan | 4 of Diamonds

Listening again, I would love to add Saara to those in the safe section but I just don't know. She was really good as a performer.

Louisa Johnson, looking extremely good, and very modern, performed her single. Lasy year's winner was a good choice. Although we haven't seen that much of her she has gradually built a space for herself in the industry. There are better potential stars in this year's bag of contestants, though.

The results: 

5AM | Emily | Matt | Sam | Saara | Honey G

So the public will get to choose to save one of Gifty, Ryan or 4 of Diamonds

Ryan has been saved in previous weeks, last time beating 4 of Diamonds so I think they're in trouble. Against Gifty, they would go. However, I reckon Gifty will be saved and 4 of Diamonds may just scrape through against Ryan.

Bruno Mars did a great job keep us entertained in the meantime, while people were deciding who to save.

Ryan is saved again. So it is Gifty v 4 of Diamonds.

Gifty chooses another passionate but not well-known song. It's a strong performance and it will take some beating. There is just something that seems to prevent her connecting with the audience, though, and she doesn't come across as well as she might on screen.

4 of Diamonds put on another good effort. Each is clearly trying very hard but that doesn't come across as nicely as the somewhat more tuneful Gifty. They're good and I reckon they get the popular vote. This time it's for Nicole and Gifty to decide. Nicole votes to keep 4 of Diamonds. Sharon takes her time. Louis wants her to keep the girls. She agrees and Gifty is sent home. 4 of Diamonds are saved. Gifty does not look at all pleased. This could be a few minutes that the producers will want to get through pretty quickly. Sharon is heard on the re-run saying how good Gifty was each time. That must make it more difficult. She does not look at all happy but holds it in.

I got that wrong but now I can see that there is something about Gifty that simply doesn't appeal so much as the four girls. I think it is true that, of the two, 4 of Diamonds, with some clever marketing could do better than Gifty in the pop market.

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