Saturday, 5 November 2016

Boys and Girls Make The Top 8.

I quite like the way the show really does get on with things this series.

First up is Matt with Wham's I'm Your Man. You can really only ever just cover this but Matt is still entertaining. Competent but not much personality comes through. Something was missing and it was just a little bit karaoke.

He should, nevertheless, be safe. I had him finishing 3rd.

Sam sings The Girls Aloud version of Stand By Me. She always starts songs well and is looking fabulous. It is easy to forget now just how young she is. The choir drown her out at times - even with her powerful voice and tone that often cuts through so well. It was a little boring. I loved it but what will the voters think? Perhaps the emotional element will tip it in her favour.

I rated her 1st overall.

Honey G next. Once again there is quite a lot of publicity for Honey G's mother. It does seem a bit out of balance but never mind. Honey G performs Jump which I remember as a Van Halen number. This performance will please whoever is supporting her. I believe she's been 3rd or 4th in most voting so far so there is every chance that she'll stay now. The judges liked that performance a lot and so did the audience. The App audience, however, clearly didn't, whatever that may indicate. Simon is very complimentary and says 'backstage she is one of the nicest contestants we've had on the show.' Nice.

My placing puts her 5th tonight and probably safe.

Ryan needs a break. He obviously has some support but there but needs more to vote first time around. A lot depends on tonight's performance. It's the classic Beatles' Twist And Shout. It's a good song and suits him well. The middle bit is a bit strange and it takes him a while to start moving around. This is not a track you can stand still too. Dancing is essential. He does start moving around eventually and it's not a bad performance at all - he looked like a band front man. I enjoyed that more than Matt's performance and rank Ryan higher at 2nd,

4 of Diamonds sing Hold On. They are also vulnerable this week. They are nicely in tune and it's a pretty harmony. Very gentle and comes to life a bit more nearer the end. They are good but maybe not good enough. Sorry girls. I like them a lot but just don't see them making it big in the charts on present showing.

They end of 7th tonight.

Saara gets The Sound Of The Underground. This is an odd choice but she succeeds in making it interesting and quite a show. I did not understand the Japanese connection at all and, as Simon pointed out, she is already bizarre so adding bizarre on top is a bit like multiplying -1 by -1: you get +1 which isn't much extra.

The range seemed too low for most of the time too but it was a cool track and her ending is superb. Some will be impressed by this. She certainly will get snapped up by a producer for the West End, whatever happens here.


Emily sings 1D's What Makes You Beautiful. It is recognisably Emily's very cut-back style which is all very good but this time I feel it doesn't work as well or do the song the justice it deserves. Very different but maybe just a little boring. She is very competent and I am sure she will float through.


Say You'll Be There is a Spice Girls number. I am not at all sure about 5AM's version. Although they do get lots of credit from the judges and noisy support from the audience, I don't get it. They can sing and perform well but they were drifting at times and several uncertain notes spoiled things. Maybe I missed something but I rank them the bottom tonight.

So, safe are Sam, Emily and Matt.

Needing some help from the fans are Ruan, Saara and Honey G

At risk, the two groups 4 of Diamonds and 5AM.

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