Monday, 19 November 2012

Shameless Voters Stifle X Factor UK

Ella left the X Factor UK competition this week. Here's her performance from the Saturday night show.

For almost every viewer and commentator I've encountered it was Ella and James who would have been in the Final in a few weeks' time. To see them having to sing off for 6th place has shocked them all.

This is James's passionate sing-off performance from Sunday.

Whilst James has survived, Tuiisa naturally voting for Ella and Louis making the valid point that James may well already have more or less secured a contract, it has to be remembered that this ridiculous choice was only necessary because the people actually caring enough to vote prefer Old Baloney and Rylan to each of these two. Coming 5th again, as the deadlock and public vote showed this week, would see him go next week if that audience remains dominant.

Now, it may be that outrage may lift his standing but things are looking grim on this show now. Union J may have to accredit their survival to the extra votes they may have accumulated from Ditrict3 supporters and, if James doesn't make it, remain the only potential winner that could truly be regarded as a future chart success we Brits would be proud to declare.

Jahmene is a decent chap but devoid of the quality that is exactly what this show is supposed to find, seemingly only at ease with the hotel doorman. On the show and even in the relaxed and fun atmosphere of the Xtra Factor he is painfully morose and dull. All he seems to want to do is sing gospel songs. Now there is nothing wrong with that and he'd have been a star in Choir Of The Year or that programme that created Sing a little while ago. Yes, he can sing and yes, he is pure and innocent but once his No. 1 single has dropped out of the charts in March 2013 he'll be filed away with Joe McElderry thereafter.

Rylan does have something and I can cope with his continued presence in a similar way to Jedward's survival. He'll be an asset to a tranche of reality shows that seem to be the thing these days and, whilst not likely to be on my 'must view' list, he has, totally through his own personaility, taken the opportunities presented by a stage, huge audience and his mentor, made himself into a star of sorts. He'll fade soon enough  but will brighten the screen for a year or so and be part of the wackier side of British entertainment life.

Christopher is just dull, outdated, wrong and the thought of his face staring out of some album cover at Christmas is a terrifying one. Thank heavens that vinyl albums haven't yet returned to the mainstream and that his face will, at least remain contained within a 3 inch square. The thought, too, that I am writing about and avidly following a tv show whose main audience comprises people who must genuinely believe that he is some sort of 2012 hero, deserving all the recognition, publicity, plaudits and money that will be attached to his name, and who do so in preference to the talents of Ella and James, makes me seriously wonder about continuing with all this.

I am annoyed and slightly embarrassed to admit to supporting and promoting this show. As my teenage son said yesterday, if James and Union J aren't in the final he'll not be interested in watching. I feel the same. We may just record it and watch bits later. I feel like stopping these articles in some sort of protest but I need an outlet for my frustration so they have their uses!

SYCO must be losing a fortune in advertising revenue as I doubt that either viewing figures or the all important profits from telephone votes are holding up as well as they'd hoped. The show's still profitable but I suspect Simon is relieved that he has kept his distance so far this year.

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