Friday, 3 October 2014

Judges' 'Houses' Pt 1 Louis and Tulisa choose three groups.

The Groups are off to Bermuda - a nice change from Ireland for Louis! It must make getting through worthwhile even for those who don't make the Live Shows and, provided they don't make a complete mess of things, this is an experience of a lifetime.

Louis is a bit over the top with his welcome. He has Tulisa who does look pretty as she comes out of the water and makes the boys, at least, feel interested.

Only The Young are a band who have been around a little while and, according to some rumours, were 'persuaded' by producers to come on the show. So they really would be expected to make the Live Shows. Their sea side performance wasn't bad but it didn't sound like a band that was about to sell loads of albums. they improved as the went on and, of course, Louis will have seen several songs and got to know what they can and can't do.

Blonde Electric are next and they're individual and different but not to my liking. I am not sure why they're there apart from TV quirkiness - a sort of female JEdward maybe. I fear they'll get in but they really have no right to be on the Live Shows in place of one or other of the others, unless all but two make a complete mess of things, that is, which I don't see happening.

The Brooks do Jar Of Hearts and have performed well so far but are they really what the charts need? Better when they were taking risks rather than just singing ballads. They did OK ad people would vote for them but I don't see them making it.

Girl Band only just made it in to the final six. I like them but they're performance of Say Something was average.

Concept seemed much more together. But it was another uninspiring number. They're good, decent chaps but I can't see them making it either.

Boy Band has 8 members. That's a lot and I'm not sure that was such a good idea. Still, here they are. they would have been dropped as individuals so they're trying. The firls tried a bit too hard and missed the togetherness. The Boy Band make a good effort with Mirrors but I just feel there are too many opposing forces going on there. Some cool singers but I don't know. I say they'll be through.

For me it's Boy Band, Only the Young and, dare I say it, Blonde Electric! (Hey, not my choice, OK - just what I can see Louis and the producers choosing!) Remember there's a fourth act that another judge puts through too.

Blonde Electric get the first spot. Dermot gets wet as they hug him after jumping in the pool. Next we get Concept, Girl Band and Only The Young. You know only one will get through. It is Only The Young. Two out of three so far. The Brooks or the big Boy Band? Whichever don't make it of these two this time will, I reckon, still make it with a wild card vote.

All very emotional stuff. Hey. I got 3/3. The big Boy Band are in. And you can go on-line to name them.

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