Saturday, 25 October 2014

Week 3 Saturday Night At The Movies

Cheryl lost two acts last week. Stephanie certainly deserved to go as she really has had tuning issues but I did think she'd be saved for a little longer for all sorts of reasons, not necessarily related to talent. But with the lowest public vote that was it for her and then we had quite a surprise with the 8 boy band with the annoying name Stereo Kicks seemed not to have impressed as many voters as others and Chloe taking 12th equal position.

In the sing-off there was no doubt that Chloe had to go. I really had expected better from her but her performances were not great. The boys were quite a bit better but i still don't see them going very far,

Tonight it's Saturday Night At The Movies which really means they can sing anything other than a very recent track as it's probably not too difficult to choose a track you like and then look it up on the movie database!

Jake's on first. Nice choice of She's Like The Wind from Dirty Dancing. It sounds like his sort of song but something was missing and when he tried to do the falsetto it was completely off key. With some nude Cosmopolitan magazine features going on in the background I don't know what the public will make of him. There are lots of cool and good-looking boys around in this competition so he needs to perform better than them if he's going to survive. Not a good start. I would imagine that he'll be in trouble unless there are more disasters coming from the other eleven tonight.

I couldn't make sense of Louis' introduction to Only The Young. It seems they're doing something called Boom Clap. OK. Never heard that before. As before they put on a professional performance and, although I didn't like that much at all, they are still my favourite for this competition. Not the act that I would bet to win but my own favourite so far. That was a performance that sounded as if they had learned it yesterday. Apparently, that's about right but that shows what they can do. These are good guys. Louis had to look up the film it had come from.

In complete contrast we have the Skyfall track from Jay James. he stole the show last week with an extraordinary version of 500 Miles and so what will happen to this one? I was not particularly fond of Adele's track and Jay stays pretty straight with this one so you can't help but make some comparisons. But they're good comparisons. I hate the rhyme of skyfall with crumble anyway so this was never going to get me voting but well done for a cool job on that one.

Andrea is the favourite by quite a way with the bookies. No idea what he's singing and I am beginning to get a bit tired of the yelling and wobbly stuff, however passionate it sounds, it doesn't work for me. He is a good singer but I feel this isn't the right competition for him. Having said that, the audience went mad and were as noisy as I have ever heard them. Seems like he'll be here next week.

Lola is one of just two young girls left and she was lucky to get a wild card too. Add Fleur and there are just three females and the two in Only The Young.

She sings When You Believe and you get the feeling that she really does believe. That was pretty powerful and not at all bad. She looks good after the make-over team had been at work. I don't see her winning but she ought to survive a few more weeks.

The third of Mel's boys on tonight is Paul. Try A Little Tenderness is a good song for him with his ability to hit all the notes and he has the right sort of voice too. But it isn't the right song to have dancing girls all around! He was also smiling in a song that isn't really about smiling and throughout all the action he was rather static. A very good voice and soul but not a performance I'd want to watch again. Excellent vocally, though.

Cheryl's last girl and someone who I think can win this thing is Lauren. Demi Lovato's Let It Go is pretty well known and even Demi called her and chatted which is nice. She comes across as confident and that is remarkable as she is so young. Actually, this is quite a tough song to sing and she struggles a bit on her own. Once the backing singers join in she recovers well but that wasn't as good as she has been. Andrea will be even further ahead in the polls now. She'll be safe, though, despite a bit of a dip this week.

For all that, Lauren puts Mel B very cleverly in her place when responding to some criticism! When Mel says she could have taken some risks and done something different with the Demi song, Lauren said that she'd taken risks in previous weeks and wanted to show she could do some songs as they were. 'There's a reason why they're like that,' she said. So true. Well said. That'll get repeated back stage for sure.

With five acts still to go it's the last of Mel's boys. Eye Of The Tiger is a great track but what will he make of it? Weak start. It isn't really the sort of track that lends itself to just a vocal with guitar. Later it gets the heavier backing, dancers, lights and goodness knows what. In fact his guitar looks a bit odd and I think he'd have been better going for one or the other styles not try to combine them. He was spot-on vocally and that is a good thing that ought to keep him in.

Simon has two left and introduces Fleur. Some nonsense from Mel about a backing track helping Fleur was annoying last week. Bearing in mind how poor Mel was in the Spice Girls that was not the right thing to say! So expect some obvious talent tonight. Fleur performs the sexy Lady Marmalade with the Voulez-vous coucher avec moi ce soir? line that I guess they won't be translating for the kiddies. Not a bad job of that, at all. As good as the Pointer Sisters. She is good and I'd expect to see her around for another week or two. So far I feel she is doing what she has some experience in doing. That's not a problem - it has meant that she appears professional and confident which is what we expect at this stage of the competition.

Third one from Simon is Stevi. Oh boy. This is the joke act but you can't help but laugh at him. This time he wrecks Footloose. To be fair, that was quite entertaining! The Daisy Duke girls helped. It may keep him in. I do actually believe he will survive another week or two. I know and he knows he won't win so it's more bearable than Baloney (who thought he could) was.

Stereo Kicks sing Let It Be. So a Beatles song ought to keep them safe this week. It gives plenty of opportunities for each of the guys to get themselves across. I always find their performances to be similar to mini Live Aid efforts - you, the sort of track that stars perform one line at a time. Oh, it turns into Hey Jude and they do the long chorus. Except it isn't a long chorus just a couple of lines. It was pretty reasonable to be fair. They'll be out of the bottom two ths week.

Ben Haenow gets to close the show. he didn't do well last week but survived OK. So he has something to prove this week as Jay has taken a bit of a lead and he needs to try and consign Jake and Jack to the also-rans too. Jake and Jack have definitely underperformed this time so he has every chance. With a great choice of Aerosmith's I Don't Want To Miss A Thing he closes the show in really strong style. Another potential winner and I much prefer his strength of song to Andrea's and if they were in a final I would see Ben winning in a straight battle. Could be interesting later as Andrea is set fair for the final.

So farewell Jake I think, or maybe Jack. Only The Young might be vulnerable but I do hope they survive. It'll be one of those three though. The oddball Stevi will stay.

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