Sunday, 20 November 2016

And then there were five. Opportunity missed.

If you had just turned on the TV to watch X Factor you might have wondered why the sing-a-long comprised people aged about 12! It was the School Of Rock West End show people doing a good job.

Dermot takes some time to tell us that it will be Christmas next week. No it won't. The theme of the tracks to be performed will be Christmas. That's almost as bad. Let's hope someone does Fairytale of New York or A Spaceman Came Travelling.

I am hoping that this is the week that Honey G goes. Hers was a more tedious performance this week. It ought to be her or Ryan as I can't imagine any of the other four not getting plenty of support.

Craig David has a particularly boring song to bring him back to the stage after many years. His voice is still unique though but that was a very ordinary number that we will not remember for long.

So, who makes the Final Five?

Saara (once again absolutely delighted!!)

So, yes, it is Honey G v Ryan. That'll be interesting. Will Simon and Louis agree and drop Honey G? I doubt it. It may well be down to the public vote and that, I am guessing will keep Honey G in.

Alicia Keys gets a spot next to promote her new single which is a lot better than Craig David's. She's quite the star. She gets a big burst of applause when she says contestants should just be themselves and not try to copy someone else.

I find the Talk Talk adverts really quite annoying. Whatever that app is that puts effects on people's faces or heads is just a bad sign of the times. It reminds me of the really bad fashion in the 1970s. readers from other countries will, I hope, be spared them.

Ryan does a very good of a number that, I think, is an Ed Sheeran number buy maybe not. Was it Lego House? I should know but I couldn't remember. It was a gentle number. he seemed way too quiet at the start and it sort of picked up but never really went anywhere. I liked it a lot but don't if it will be enough.

Honey G did something that may be called Get Your Freak On and something else I have no idea about. Didn't like that at all. As Dermot said, that was the most surreal sing-off they've ever had! This would be a chance to get rid of Honey G.

Simon first. I was not expecting that as he is one of the people that could save Ryan. He saves Honey G. Obviously Sharon saves Honey G. Nicole saves Ryan. It comes down to Louis. He saves Honey G too. Oh well. Simon's vote was the surprise there. I reckon he'd have sent it to deadlock if he had been asked last.

Anyway, Ryan was unlikely to get a great deal further.

Seems that I was wrong about the theme thing. All the public vote did was add 'Christmas' to the possibilities. It's actually 'Louis Loves'. No idea what that means! Nor has anyone else, inlcuding Louis.