Sunday, 27 November 2016

Semi Final acts decided.

Saara, Matt and Emily make it straight through to the semi finals next week. That's the Top 4. Almost as good as winning really. I wasn't sure about Emily but when I heard her second song again it was impressive and clearly must have gone down well with the voters.

So it is 5AM v Honey G in the Bottom Two. I cannot imagine that Honey G will survive against the group, who were actually really good this week. It is her time to go and the competition can settle in to something a bit more predictable, although I doubt that anyone would have predicted Saara making it. She has been that good, though. 

I still go for the Matt v Emily final but all four will do well in this market. For longevity I suspect that Saara will be the ultimate winner and I can see 5AM lasting too. Matt will, I fear, disappear first after a slightly drab album and Emily will manage a couple of years but mostly on the sidelines.

I may, of course, be completely wrong. We'll see! First, however, Honey G needs to go home so we can move on.

Nice to see Clean Bandit, co-operating this time with Sean Paul rapping and Anne-Marie singing. Currently No.1, it helps the show stay relevant to have people like these. I had to smile when Dermot didn't quite get it right when he was talking about acts they had previously collaborated with and who they might consider now. With last year's winner at No.1 not long ago it had some importance too! 'So who would you choose out of this year's contestants?' asks Dermot, who then, a bit bizarrely, tries to answer his own question: 'I say Honey, you say...'

'...Saara." said the girl quickly. "We like Saara."

That was embarrassing for Dermot.

So it's sing-off time.

Honey G first. After watching the last act, despite the band's preference for Saara, I have to say that Honey G does seem to have more current relevance than I had realised. It still sounds a bit dated to me and, however hard she tries, she hasn't got the rhythm and control of many rap acts that I have heard. It's all a bit dated. I have also heard enough of "I say Honey, you say G."

That was all a bit ordinary and quite uninspiring.

5 After Midnight have a good chance, But what a dreadful start. Awful. Each of the three tries to sing but fail miserably. My God, they hardly deserve to stay if that is how they'll perform in future. At least Honey G won't disappoint her fans. they improve slightly as they sing together but that version of 1D's Beautiful hardly deserved their being saved.

It could, therefore, go to a public vote as I can see one of Nicole or Simon choosing Honey G. Nicole keeps 5AM. Simon also saves 5 After Midnight. I think that's right, although the group had better improve their less rehearsed tracks! They will, presumably, have plenty of time to get it right for next week. They need to.