Sunday, 6 November 2016

Seven left.

Dermot announces that all 8 acts are on the X Factor tour which is good news for them as that guarantees some income for a while and also enables each of them to present themselves to industry scouts.

Four of Diamonds, in particular, will appreciate that, I feel, as they are likely to go soon but will definitely benefit from more rehearsal and the experience the tour will bring.

A bland sing-a-long. Very bland indeed Keep Movin'. Why do the producers stuff these people into these annoying intro songs?

Emeli Sande performed her current single Breathing Under Water. There is a talent there that all the acts can admire.

Results time:

Matt | Emily | Sam should be safe

Ryan | Honey G | Saara I had needing help from the voters

5AM and 4D in trouble.

So I was wrong!! 5AM are the first to be declared safe, followed by Ryan. Emily. Honey G. Not all the crowd approve of that choice. Matt is the last straight through.

Sam, 4D and Saara are in need of rescuing by the public. I would imagine Sam will win that leaving Saara and 4D in the sing-off which I feel will be 50-50 and, on the voting figures, Saara might just make it through but this is really anyone's guess between those two. Should Sam be in the sing-off then she'll definitely stay.

While we wait Robbie Williams performs a new track. Tremendous backdrop display!

Yes, Sam makes it through.

4D do their usual trick of not starting very strongly but building up as the song moves on. The blonde stood out as exceptional this time but it was not an impressive performance overall.

In complete contrast Saara is completely in control and her tone is perfect. This is a tremendous track and she really is good. This happens when she has to get through she can pull out such amazing performances. That was excellent and really there should be no doubt as to who goes through. It depends on Simon and Nicole.

Nicole saves Saara. Simon saves Saara too. That does make sense. I don't feel too bad as 4D really hadn't ever found their way here. They do make the Tour, though. so that's great for them and probably about all they could expect from this year's series. Saara actually looked like one of Simon's girls on stage tonight. She could be a serious contender if she continues to sing that well.

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